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ESB versus Data Microservices

In monolithic applications, an ESB connects all the features and functionality of each application run interdependently within a single instance. The monolith contains all of the code for each of the functions and services it performs. Monoliths start small, but as requirements grow, development teams add new features on top of each. This happens until […]

MDM versus Data Microservices

MDM solutions focus on providing a single source of truth to serve as a back-office for the data processes and on taking care of the data quality and consistency. They however do not always deliver that data to areas where it can support real-time business decisions and help companies respond to customer needs as these […]

Agile businesses need agile data

At the heart of your enterprise architecture lies your data — data about your customers, your products, your processes, etc. To serve your organization as a strategic asset, your data need to be well structured, documented, organized and readily available to the people and applications that need it, when they need it. Hivity Core® Microservices […]