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The Hivity Core ® Product Suite is composed of a set of powerful tools allowing to design, generate, deploy and manage data as microservices.



Unlock unprecedented possibilities with the
Hivity Core ® Product Suite.

Craft, deploy, and manage data using agile microservices, empowering your data to propel your business forward. Experience unrivaled efficiency and innovation in data management.

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Hivity Core ® Data Micro-services are stand-alone components that deliver your data it to where it’s needed, when it’s needed, helping you leverage data as a strategic asset and create a competitive advantage.

Stand-alone Do not require other components to run.
Deployable anywhere Can be deployed on the cloud (e.g. Microsoft Azure) or on-premise (Windows or Linux servers).
Real-time Deliver the data in real time, through REST API.
Secured Support various authentication schemes and provide a scope based permissions.
Fully interoperable Expose platform-agnostic interfaces and are compatible with the OData ISO/OASIS standard.
Self-documented Not only provide service metadata but also embed a web portal where users can access a human-friendly documentation.
Powerful Provide native features such as querying capability, multilingual data, versioning, audit, hierarchical data and change tracking…


The Hivity Core ® Management Platform is a web portal that allows you to design, deploy, monitor and manage all your Hivity Core ® Micro-services from a single place. More specifically, it provide the following features:

Model designer Allows you to easily create your own data models (no coding required).
Micro-service generator Allows you to generate and deploy micro-services right from your models to anywhere in the cloud or to on-premise servers.
Supervisor For monitoring your micro-services instances.
User and account manager Where you can manage users, applications, accounts and profiles.
Permission manager which allows you to visually create access-scope based permissions and precisely define who can access what.

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The Hivity Core ® Data Hub is a web portal that allows Data Producers to easily sell their data directly to customers.

Features provided to Data Producers
Publication of micro-services as data catalogs.
Subscription plan & pricing definition.
Usage control & reporting.
Data management.
Features provided to Data Consumers
Viewing of published data catalogs.
Based on subscriptions, data querying and downloading using various ways (API, downloadable files) and formats (Json, Csv, Excel…).
A self-service space where users can sign-up, manage their subscriptions, view invoices and make payments.


The Hivity Core ® Marketplace is a web portal operated by Hivity and that allows you to find and get extensions for Hivity Core ® products. It also provides a self-service space where you can freely manage your subscriptions and licenses, view invoices and make payments.

HDS – Hivity Data Services

Experiencing the future of data management.

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With the increased complexity of data, delivering only data content is not enough. Without relevant information describing the data, non-specialists struggle to understand what these data functionally represent and how they are related.

In addition to publishing the service metadata which describe how the data is structured and related, each Hivity Core ® Data Micro-service embeds a web portal where users can easily view a human-friendly documentation and in multiple languages.

With Hivity Core ® Data Micro-services you can now not only distribute your data content but also their semantics.


Optimized for business teams and data analysts, the Hivity Core ® Product Suite allows non-technical people to easily design and deploy data micro-services. No need to be an IT expert. No knowledge of SQL or programming is required. Design is 100% visual.

By using state-of-the-art technology and taking care of the technical complexity for you, the Hivity Core ® Product Suite reduces your dependency on corporate IT departments, and let you focus on the business value of your data.


Globalization and international markets require your business data to be available in multiple languages. However, managing and delivering localized data generally lead to additional complexity and costs.

Hivity Core ® Data Micro-services have been designed from the ground up to natively and seamlessly handle multilingual data. Using the designer, simply flag the fields that should support multilingual data, add the relevant documentation and you are ready to go!


Your business data represent your intellectual capital, competitive advantage and the lifeblood of your organization. As a valuable digital asset, your data must be protected accordingly but still be accessible to people and systems that need specific data to operate efficiently.

Designed with security in mind, Hivity Core ® Data Microservices allow you secure your data right at the source. Hivity Core ® Microservices support common authentication schemes and exchange data over secured protocols.

Using the advanced access-scope based permissions, you can meet complex security requirements and control precisely by who and how your data can be accessed.


Hivity Core ® Data Micro-services expose your data through a consistent and platform-agnostic interface so that all you users, web or mobile applications and systems can access data in the same way.

Embedding powerful features, Hivity Core ® Data Micro-services help you meet the needs of many use cases that are usually complex and costly to implement, such as, managing multilingual data, streaming multimedia content and efficient data synchronization with systems and mobile applications.

As they comply to the OData ISO/OASIS standard, you can benefit from libraries and connectors readily available on the market for major solutions such as Microsoft PowerBI, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft CRM Dynamics or SalesForce.

Rationalize your access to data with Hivity Core ® Data Micro-services and start saving time and money!


Companies a aware that business-critical information, such as sales data or performance data needed to make informed decisions, must be quickly and easily accessible to their employees and partners.

However, for companies lacking the proper tools, accessing and processing valuable information from across the work organization is a real challenge.

Hivity Core® Data Micro-services allow you to securely deliver structured data in real-time anywhere within your organization or through the internet.

Leveraging high interoperability & powerful data synchronization features, you can also easily create mobile application with full offline capability that will let you operate from anywhere and anytime.


Benefit for compagnies


Mobile apps offer seamless experiences with their ability to work offline and online. They allow you work from anywhere, anytime and are a great way to reach and deliver value to customers. However, creating true mobile apps that can function well even when offline is usually complex and expensive.

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Using Hivity Core ® Data Micro-services as your data back-end,
greatly helps you to reduce complexity, time and development costs because:

They expose data through a consistent and platform-agnostic interface so that all you web, mobile applications or systems can access data in the same way without the need to implement a different system every time.
They are accessible from everywhere and in real-time.
They are secured as they support authentication, access-scope based permissions and exchange data over the secured https protocol.
They allow users and apps to make queries so that only the requested data is sent over the network.
They provide a change tracking feature that allows apps to know what has changed. Apps can use that information to efficiently synchronize data.
They support multimedia content streaming so that even pictures, videos, files and documents can be exchanged easily and efficiently.
They use a global unique identifier (GUID) for each data record, which avoids the common issue of data conflict when mobile applications create new records while offline.



The Hivity Core ® Data Hub is a portal where users can view the documentation on the data catalogs you have published. Depending on the subscription plan, users can select and retrieve precisely what they need.

As each data catalog is powered by a Hivity Core ® Data Micro-service, your customers benefit from the same powerful features such as data queries, differential synchronization, retrieving the data through APIs or as downloadable files in various formats (Csv, Json, Excel files…)…


If you are a Data Producer, the Hivity Core ® Data Hub platform allows you to monetize your data by selling it directly to your customers in a few easy steps.

To create new data catalogs, you basically only need to publish your Hivity Core® Data Micro-services to the Hub.


The Hivity Core® Data Hub provides a customer self-service space where your customers can sign-up, manage their subscriptions, view invoices and make payments.

Focus on your data, not on administrative tasks!


The Hivity Core® Data Hub allows you to set your own subscriptions plans and pricing for your customers.

Using the advanced access-scope based permissions used by Hivity Core® Micro-services, you can precisely in control what your customers can access and at which price.


Discover Hivity's core strengths for efficient data control.

Support common authentication  schemes (Basic, Negotiate, Api Key, OAuth..)
Connect with Identity Providers (Local, Active Directory) to manage users and perform authentication.
Advanced scope-based permissions allowing to precisely defined who can access what entities or even properties within entities. Extend, restrict or exclude data based on a specific user, user account, profile or application.
Secured transport-level protocol (https) & hsts
Standardized, consistent & powerful way of querying data based on the OData v4 ISO/OASIS protocol. (LINK)
Numerous existing connectors (PowerBI, Excel, CRM Dynamics, Qlik, SalesForce…)
Data exchanged over http(s) transport protocol, allowing data to be distributed in real-time anywhere.
Platform-agnostic data exchange formats (Json, Csv…)
Hivity screenshot
Make users better understand the meaning of your data by documenting your data model in multiple languages.
Make that documentation accessible as a human friendly documentation directly available from the web portal embedded to the data micro-service.
Make that documentation accessible as service metadata to help users select and understand data and their relations.
Data query capability. Only the requested information is sent over the network.
Integrated change tracking allowing true differential synchronization with mobile applications or systems. Only data that have changed get synchronized. Not less, not more.
Light and fast micro-service architecture (do not requires IIS)
Streaming capability for multimedia content.
Built with state of the art technologies such as Microsoft .Net Core, EF Core & Kestrel.
Designed with a concern for the protection of privacy and in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).
Identification of fields containing personal information.
Register of calling applications along with their description of intended uses and processing of data.
Deployable anywhere, they can run as well in containers (Docker, Kubernetes), in physical or virtual machines, in the cloud (e.g. Azure) or on-premises, as a console application or as a Windows Service…
Light and stand alone, they do not require other components such as Web or Applet Servers to operate.
Embedded Web portal, for configuration, administration and user documentation.

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Hivity is a French startup that provides data services solutions such the Hivity Core ® product suite which help companies structure and distribute their data in an easy, inter-operable, documented, consistent and secured way.

At Hivity, we believe in innovation, efficiency & excellence and we strive to create innovative solutions that transform technology into added value to all our customers’ stakeholders.


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